Friday, July 13, 2007

Aaj tum khwabon ko sajaane chale aao

Barasat ka intzar na karo maree palakon ke neeche chale ayo.
Bewaqt ke asnssoyon ki jhadi bhar di judai ne.
Aaj tum bhi is mein khud ko beegone chale aao.

Muhabaton ki waddiyon mein muskurane chale aao
Chand raaton ke khwab sajaaye the saath milkar
Aaj tum khwabon ko sajaane chale aao

Mahndi ki rangat bulaye tum chale aao
Mudatt se intazaar hai koi manng bhare sanam
meri sooni maang ko sajaane chale aao........

sooni aankhe kabse tumhari rah takti hain chale aao
zindgi ke sare paimane toot.te nazaar aate hain
tum apne hoonth mere honto se lagane chale aao......

Sawan ke jhoole padhe hain jhoolane chale aao
Har rutt pathjhad, har rahain viraan hain
zindgi bich raah ruk gayi hai, saath nibhane chale aao

1 comment:

  1. Hi Neera,

    Pehle se aur achha laga aaj "tum chale aao wala article padhkar. Last time i had told u avoid being in a gloomy and saddened state. Though it was a fantastic article still on much thinking one can see the writers dard in it.
    Now after reading this aisa laga ki you have shifted somewhat from dard to aaas (hope).
    Not much good, but still Thats a nice sign.
    Neera, sach kahoon to before few days i had never read any shayaris haan just heard some songs and some during some gatherings or parties. In all this years i found either its comdeian type which i am sure are fabricated by peple just for laughter and other are ful of pain, dard. I too liked the songs of ataullah khan and pankaj udhaas, the reason they sometimes got attached with the pains which one undergoes sometimes or others.
    But now having come across this site by chance and saw this real of shayari. Real you too have a nice bank of thoughts, a good vocabulary of words, a nice skill of using the proper words at proper places, realy its all wonderfull to read.
    ekin i would wish and pray to god, ki let this dard be only in the thoughts and not in real life of my friend Neera.